Phần mềm học Tiếng Nga Miễn phí

Russian Language Learning 1.0.1

Russian Language Learning is a Java application that helps you learn Russian using the Leitner system. Memorizing words and phrases will not only be more efficient, but the system is a joy to use. Each card also has the phrase spoken by a native Russian speaker, to help with pronunciation. The Leitner system is a way of progressively learning words by placing them in stacks.

Russian Before You Know It Lite 3.6

Personalized Russian, learning so precise you will have Perfect Recall. Whether for business, school, or personal enrichment, you willl quickly learn common words and essential phrases. Advanced technology customizes the learning for you. This innovative flash card system allows you to master language at your own pace, with a method proven to enhance the learning experience.


MultiDictionary 8.0 (English-Russian-French-German-Japa…

Multidictionary 8.0 includes: English-Vietnamese (110.000 words), Vietnamese-English (24.000 words), English-English(122.000 words) Russian-Vietnamese (72.000 words), Vietnamese-Russian (40.000 words), Russian-Russian (40.000 words) French-Vietnamese (47.000 words), Vietnamese-French (39.000 words), Vietnamese-Vietnamese (30.000 words). German-Vietnamese (45.00


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